25 Painted Elements

Use these elements to enhance your already awesome videos and presentations. With 25 unique elements and 12 color options, you can easily match your look. Use these elements to emphasize anything!


See what’s included below.


25 Painted Elements

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Check them out!

This video shows each element in action, check them out!

What's Included?

Each file has an alpha channel so there’s nothing to key out. Just drop them into your video editing program or presentation software and enhance your already awesome videos or presentations!

Included in each folder are png still images of each element. These are here as a guide to know what the corresponding video file name looks like. As a bonus, these images are full HD and have a transparent background so you can use them however you’d like.

See how to use them!

Check out this video to see exactly how to use these elements with Pro Presenter. Also download a free sample to try for yourself!

•5 Animated Arrows

•5 Animated Circles

•5 Animated Squares

•4 Animated Lines

•6 Animated Math Symbols

12 color variations included!

All 25 elements come with multiple color variations to insure you look your best! The 12 variations include red, orange, yellow, green, mint, light blue, blue, purple, pink, black, gray, and white

How to change the color:

If the provided color options don’t suit your fancy, don’t worry! You can easily change the colors yourself.

After Effects: Add the Hue/Saturation effect to the element you’re like to change the color of. In the effect controls to shift Master Hue to the desired color. To create White or Black move the Master Lightness slider to the desired tone.


Add the Fill effect and select the desired color to create a solid color element.

Premiere Pro: Add the Color Balance (HLS) effect and shift the Hue control to the desired color. For White or Black shift the Lightness control.

All this for only


Only $30 for

25 Animated Elements!

Use these animated arrows, circles, lines and squares to enhance your videos and presentations. Works in Pro Presenter!!