ProPresenter 7: Seven Cool New Features!

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Renewed Vision just announced ProPresenter 7 and it is amazing. Check out 7 of the coolest new features that will make your life way easier!

#1 – The New ProPresenter 7 UI

ProPresenter 7 now has a really nice dark user interface which makes it easy on the eyes when you’re in the dark. There are a bunch of subtle little features that help the overall functionality and user experience.

#2 – Audience Displays

In ProPresenter 7 you can now create as many outputs as your computer can handle. Devices like the AJA HA5-4K can split a 4k display into 4 HD 1080p outputs, which can now each show anything you want. NDI displays can now be created as well, allowing your outputs to be sent over your network to other devices on your campus.

#3 – Stage Displays

Now instead of having only a single Stage Display in ProPresenter 7 you can have as many as your computer can handle, including NDI screens. This is great for sending stage info all over your campus really easily. The stage editor is now very similar to the slide editor making the look and configuration of your stage displays limitless.

#4 – Announcements Layer

The Announcements layer is probably the most unique new feature of ProPresenter 7. Think of it more as an auxiliary output that can send whatever auto-playing content you want to another output. That’s right, you can have announcement slides running in your lobby, while still running songs in your main room at the same time, from the same computer!

#5 – Operator Text Controls

This feature is very subtle but really helpful. If you have a light background and dark text, it can be very difficult for your operator to read. The operator controls allow you to completely format the thumbnail text without effecting your main output in any way. We’re talking font, color, size, everything.

#6 – Inspector on Slide Elements

You now have access to adjust media that lives on a slide and not in your media bin. This can be very helpful if you have images or videos on your slides that need adjusting. Or if you have multiple animated slide elements that need to have their color changed.

#7 – Audio Controls

In Pro 7 we now have really advanced audio controls from your overall program settings to individual pieces of media. You can set different in/out transition times, route audio to different hardware on your computer, and map audio channels. The audio preview now shows the waveform for the audio files as well.

All The Details

New Pro 7 License (includes 12 months Pro 7+)
-Single Seat $399 USD
-Campus $999 USD

Upgrade to Pro 7 (includes 12 months Pro 7+)
-Single Seat $275 USD
-Campus $675 USD

Pro 7+

This is how you will pay for having access to the newest versions going forward. (But you don’t have to, you can keep using the last version you paid for forever.)

Pro 7 + (12 Months)
Single Seat $159 USD
Campus $399 USD

Pro 7+ Includes
– New Feature Deployment
– OS Compatibility
– Chat, Email, Scheduled Phone Support.

What are your favorite features?

Let me know in the comments what you love most about Pro 7. How is it going to change your workflow and production line? Most importantly, feel free to share this post so others can see what all the hype is about!

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Austin Thomas

Austin Thomas

Austin has been doing audiovisual work in churches for well over 10 years. He is experienced in all aspects of production, from live events to producing engaging content. You can see some of his work at austinparrishthomas.com

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