Paralax – Stage Design

Made with corrugated plastic sheets, fishing line, led strips and led bars. 8 led bars light the back layer and led strips on the smaller squares light the middle layer.

I designed this in Sketchup to have a parallax effect so that the design looks different depending on what angle you’re looking at it from.

I cut the 4’x8′ corrugated sheets in half for the larger squares and in quarters for the small squares. I hung the back layer of squares based on measurements, then just eyed the next layer on top of that.

Once I hung the second layer things got pretty crazy…

to stabilize everything I got the corner of the bottom squares so that it could be folded back and taped to the stage as an anchor. I tied the corners of the upper squares to the anchor which lept them all straight.

  I used PVC pipe to run the wire and hold the small squares with led strips attached to them.

I didn’t want to have to solder the corners together or spend money on corner clips, so I just bent the corners out.

I had to put another small square on top of the small squares with the sandwiched side painted black to stop light from bleeding through the front.

I used three 24 channel dmx decoders so that each of the small squares was individually controllable, and QLC+ to set them up as an led array and drive the animations.



48″ x 96″ White Corrugated Plastic Sheets

Fishing Line

PVC Pipe

LED Strips

3 DMX Decoders

8 Chauvet COLORrails

Check out my tutorial on setting up an LED Matrix with QLC+

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