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This is really simple, but also very helpful. Are there light switches in your building that should rarely be turned off or on?

You might have some exterior lights by your doors that need to stay on all the time. Or even lights in your sanctuary that need not be accidentally turned on during service.

You might fix this by tapping a sign above the switch pleading with the reader not to touch!! But they will. You could even just put tape of the switch its-self, but that looks terrible.

The best and dare I say classiest way of dealing with the issue is to buy some inexpensive switch covers. I’ve purchased several of these particular ones on Amazon for my church and I love them!

They have 2 modes of operation. You can cover the switch so that only a pencil or pen can turn it on/off. Or you can break off the side tabs so that your fingers can pinch the switch to control it, while still preventing the accidental flick.

Let me know your worst accidental light switch stories below, and protect your switches!

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Austin Thomas

Austin Thomas

Austin has been doing audiovisual work in churches for well over 10 years. He is experienced in all aspects of production, from live events to producing engaging content. You can see some of his work at austinparrishthomas.com

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