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At the church I work at, we like to have the sermon graphic, message title, and scripture at the beginning of our online sermon videos. This isn’t difficult, but it does take a lot of time to re-render the sermon bumper for each week’s sermon title. It can take an hour or more to render the video, and if it’s a five or six-week series, you’re looking at five to six hours of render time just to make the message title unique each week. In this article, you will learn how to make an easily editable sermon bumper with no rendering!



There is a way to save on all that sermon bumper render time! All you need to do is follow this short tutorial on a technique I’ve created in ProPresenter, it makes life so much easier, trust me!

Here’s an example..



Sermon Bumper Step 1:

To create an easily editable sermon bumper, open up ProPresenter and create a new presentation. Name it however you’d like to. I like to name it after the series, and the date it will be used.





Step 2:

Now Import your Bumper files. You’ll need your bumper video, a still of the background without the title in it, and a still of the logo (It’s best to have the final frame of your bumper video).





Step 3:

Drag the bumper video into the first slide of your new presentation. This is the only slide you will click to show the bumper video once we are all finished.





Step 4:

Next, create a new slide and drag the bumper background still on to it. This creates a nicer transition to the week’s message title. It makes it look more like it’s one cohesive video instead of separate slides in a presentation.





Step 5:

Create another new slide and drag the bumper background still on it. On this new slide type the text for the current week’s message title. Then type the Scripture reference below, you can format this text however you would like. I like to make the title bold and have the scripture be a smaller point size with a regular font weight.





 Step 6:

Now create another slide and drag the bumper background on it. We will use this as another transition slide.





 Step 7Step 7:

Once that’s done, drag the still image of the logo next to the slide we previously created. This will be the final slide, and where our easy edit bumper will stop.




Step 8Step 8:

It’s transition time! Well more accurately, “Go to Next Timer” time! Right click the first slide we made and select “Go to Next Timer”.




Step 9Step 9:

A window will pop up with two options, for this tutorial we are only going to use the “Duration” option. Change it from 5s to 0s. What this means is once the video finishes playing, it will go to the next slide after 0 seconds, basically, it switches to the next slide as soon as the video finishes.




Step 10Step 10:

Right click the second slide we created and choose “Go to Next Timer” again. This time change the “Duration” from 5s to 1s. Feel free to play around with these durations to create the transition timing you’re looking for!




Step 11Step 11:

Follow the last few steps on the third slide, except this time, leave the “Duration” at 5s. Of course, you can make this shorter or longer depending on your needs.




Step 12Step 12:

Finally, repeat the last few step on the fourth slide, changing the “Duration” from 5s to 1s.




That’s it! Click on the first slide and watch the bumper play with each week’s title seamlessly added with no extra render time! You can copy this presentation and edit for each week, or like I like to do, just edit this presentation each week. Another great part of this technique is that you can start all the sermon notes in the next slide as the presentation will stop automatically progressing once it gets to the bumper logo still. Then you can click to show the first sermon note slide when you’re ready.


If you found this article helpful be sure and let us know in the comments below. We would also love it if you shared this article with other church techies, and invite them to our site! Thanks!


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Austin Thomas

Austin Thomas

Austin has been doing audiovisual work in churches for well over 10 years. He is experienced in all aspects of production, from live events to producing engaging content. You can see some of his work at austinparrishthomas.com

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