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Music is Important!

I’ve come to realize that a video is only as good as it’s sound. Sound is important for connecting your audience to what they’re watching on an even deeper emotional level. You can capture someone’s heart-wrenching story on camera, and edit it so that the story is engaging and flows so smoothly. But without music, it will probably just feel cold and boring. It’s the same with an animation that is visually stunning, without a good track it will be emotionally void. Adding the right track to your video can transform it into something completely new, and more attractive to your audience’s emotions. It’s pretty easy to do with stock music too!

Stock music is really expensive though… If you do a quick search for music licensing, most sites charge $50 per song. A few years back I found a site called It was a great deal, $99/yr for unlimited downloads and uses. However, most of the tracks on Audioblocks sound like what you think of when you hear the word “stock”. Which is most likely cheesy piano music, or a lot of guitar and drums? There are a few really fresh offerings on there, but also a lot of really outdated stuff. I put up with the majority of the site being unusable because, hey, out of the ten or so songs I did use, I saved a bunch of money! Ten songs at $50 a piece are five crisp Benjamins, of which I do not have many.

Maybe there’s more stock music out there?

The idea that there may be a better option out there had never even crossed my mind. Until the other day when I got an email from Audioblocks explaining that they were raising their prices from $99/yr to $149/yr. But if I acted now I could lock in the old price for another year. If a service you’re already not feeling offers a whole lot for you raise the price without adding anything new, you start to think. That’s when the thought crossed my mind, maybe there’s a better option?

I started searching the inter-whats-it for another stock music subscription service. No luck, all I was finding were those $50 a song sites. I found a blog post that had a list of the 5 best stock sites, still, none of them were subscription based though. I scrolled down to the comments and saw one commenter linking to Soundstripe, they said they loved it. So I checked it out and every song I previewed was trendy and new. I got goosebumps as I envisioned all the cool videos I could make with these awesome tracks!

So I thought it’s gotta be a per song deal and really expensive. I clicked the join button and saw their price was only $15/m or $135/year! Which if you were paying attention before is now less than the subscription who’s price just got jacked up. I literally love every song on this site, well that might be a lie, there might be, let’s say, ten songs I don’t like?… Oh how the turntables have turned! Using the filters helps you find some really good stuff. My favorite filter is under Genre:Ambiant.

The Details:

  • Price: $15/m | $135/yr – Yay really cheap!
  • Unlimited Downloads – There is a slight caveat to this, you have to license each song per project you use it on, but all that means is you generate a new license with the new project’s name in the license. The price stays the same, doesn’t go up or down based on the number of songs or the number of downloads of a particular song.
  • The songs are licensed in perpetuity – This means even if you cancel your subscription to Soundstripe the licensed song belongs to whatever project it was licensed to forever! Belongs probably isn’t the correct term, but hopefully, you get the gist.
  • There is only one restriction – You can’t use the music in a video containing nudity, so if you’re going to make a video of King David dancing before the Lord naked… You can email them and have them check with the artist though, so maybe?
  • Download in MP3 or High-def (Probably wav) – Its really easy to download the tracks, there’s not really much to say about this point.

Those are the big points I was kinda interested in knowing, they have a lot of faqs and general answers about stuff on their help page. I think it’s a really great deal!

If you’re interested in subscribing to Soundstripe, it would be awesome if you would use this link, so I can get a little money to support the site. I would definitely still spread the word about Soundstripe even if I didn’t make a cent off of it. Seriously I couldn’t get to sleep the night I found it, so many video ideas!!!

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Austin Thomas

Austin Thomas

Austin has been doing audiovisual work in churches for well over 10 years. He is experienced in all aspects of production, from live events to producing engaging content. You can see some of his work at

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