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NDI Is My New Favorite Best Friend

NDI is developed by NewTek and it’s literally magic. It’s so simple to set up because there really isn’t anything to set up… So what is it? NDI stands for Network Device Interface and is used to send video, audio, and control over a gigabit network. It allows anything that […]

QLC+ LED Matrix Tutorial

The Harware This quick tutorial will be based on using a 24ch DMX Decoder which is available at Amazon, however, you can use any group of light fixtures you have. This tutorial assumes you have a basic understanding of how to use QLC+ and have been able to control lights with it […]

Paralax – Stage Design

Made with corrugated plastic sheets, fishing line, led strips and led bars. 8 led bars light the back layer and led strips on the smaller squares light the middle layer. I designed this in Sketchup to have a parallax effect so that the design looks different depending on what angle you’re looking […]

10 Tips To Nail Your Church Branding in 2018

When churches approach me looking for a logo, I often see myself explaining the more complex and important need for a Visual Identity. A Visual Identity, which is sometimes referred to as Branding, is the graphic expression of your brand – and it goes beyond having a logo. It embodies […]

An intro to Pro Presenter

Picking a new presentation software can be pretty daunting! There are so many options available, the question becomes which one will be best for me? The answer is definitely Renewed Visions‘ Pro Presenter. Pro Presenter is easily the best multimedia presentation software available, and it’s not just for worship lyrics. […]

DIY Stage Design: LED Light Pyramid

DIY Stage Design Overview The overall design for this DIY stage design is 35 feet by 9 feet. It consists of 22 triangular frames with LED rope facing inward. Each of the 22 triangles are individually controllable via DMX and can be whatever color you want. The structure is controlled […]

Where to Find Cheap Stock Music!

It’s Important! I’ve come to realize that a video is only as good as it’s sound. Sound is important for connecting your audience to what they’re watching on an even deeper emotional level. You can capture someone’s heart-wrenching story on camera, and edit it so that the story is engaging […]

12 Steps to an Easy Weekly Sermon Bumper

At the church I work at, we like to have the sermon graphic, message title, and scripture at the beginning of our online sermon videos. This isn’t difficult, but it does take a lot of time to re-render the sermon bumper for each week’s sermon title. It can take an […]